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After the much anticipated launch of the Eclipse this week, the yacht Dubai now must give up her throne as the world’s largest mega yacht. It’s just a few meters longer, but in the mega yacht world, bigger is better, and Roman Abramovich’s new toy has usurped the title from the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates’ floating pleasure palace. The excitement over the latest “World’s Largest Yacht” made us wonder what kind of other mega yachts fit into the Top 10 category for size, and what we found was surprising.

You might imagine that all of these private ships would be similar in design, but the top ten largest yachts in the world don’t have as much in common as you might think. Yes-yes, they’re all huge, and expensive, and they float, but that is where most of the commonality ends, since these mega yachts are as varied as the people who own them. From the brand new mega yacht Eclipse with her high tech devices, to the Egyptian Presidential yacht El Horriya, which is little changed since her launch in 1865, these yachts represent a range not just in size, but in age and taste as well — as do their owners.

Does size really matter?  Well, it does to some.  It’s hard to imagine that you can have ten times more fun on a 500′ boat than on a 50-footer, but you can almost certainly invite more friends along.  Many of these mega yachts are available for private charter, so if you’re thinking of dropping a few hundred million on buying a mega yacht, you might want to try renting first.  The hundred thousand or so you spend for two weeks could really save you time and money down the road in regard to redecorating.  After all, how will you know how many swimming pools, movie theaters, orgy pits and cup-holders you want until you’ve had a test drive?

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